Jacaranda Counselling specializes in providing consultations that are fully bulk billed through Medicare. This is available to everyone with a Medicare card, a referral from a GP, and a Mental Health Care Plan, and is not income tested.

Eligibility for a Mental Health Care Plan is determined by your GP and is not income tested. Most common disorders are eligible. These include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep problems, eating disorders, ADHD, sexual disorders, drug and alcohol problems and others.

How do I obtain a Mental Health Care Plan?

  1.  With the coronavirus pandemic, many GPs are able to organize a Mental Health Care Plan for their patients through telehealth. Ring your GP to confirm that he/she does Mental Health Care Plans, and inquire whether they wish you to visit the surgery, or have a telehealth appointment. Your GP will determine whether psychological counselling would be of benefit to you.
  2.  If your GP believes you are eligible and would benefit from seeing a psychologist, he/she will complete a GP Mental Health Care Plan with you and can make a referral to the psychologist of your choice. If you would like to be referred to Jacaranda Counselling Services the referral should be to Terry Nelson or Jacaranda Counselling Services

How many sessions can be claimed?

You are initially given six sessions. At the end of the six sessions with the psychologist your GP will review your progress, and you may then be eligible for an additional four sessions (ten in each calendar year).

Who can provide Medicare subsidized services?

Service providers must be registered psychologists or psychiatrists, not counsellors or psychotherapists.